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About a week ago I found ... #131668 - Ask Extension


About a week ago I found ... #131668

Asked June 03, 2013, 9:13 AM EDT

About a week ago I found evidence of cicadas in the way of numerous holes in my perennial beds. Like someone poked holes throughout my garden with a large fork! Is it too late to wrap some of my young trees (dogwod, redbud)? Or is there a better way to protect the young trees?

Howard County Maryland

Expert Response

It is highly unlikely that the holes you observed in your perennial beds were those of emerging cicadas.  The cicadas expected this year are Brood 2 of 17 year cicadas and will only be active in the southern-most counties of Maryland, most of Virginia, and parts of Pennsylvania.  The next time you need to be concerned will be in 2021 when Brood 10 returns to our area.  The holes you observed could be those of emerging scarab beetles such as Japanese beetles, Asian beetles, Oriental beetles, rose chafers, June beetles, etc.  There are other insects that will nest in the loose soil of perennial beds, as well. 
You may want to check the following site:

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