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About the new bamboo "sil... #215819 - Ask Extension


About the new bamboo "sil... #215819

Asked October 06, 2014, 3:31 PM EDT

About the new bamboo "silk" in rugs. Do our local insects eat bamboo ? I live near downtown Silver Spring and just had to trash an Indian wool rug because of a small brown flying moth that spent its larval stage at the base of the rug. I am not sure that they are all our of my house yet. Occasionally I see one flying about. What were these bugs? How do I get rid of them without poison?

Montgomery County Maryland

Expert Response

First you need to identify the moth and/or pest insect. Clothes moths are rarely seen. The moth you are seeing may very well be an Indian meal moth, which is a pantry pest. Please carefully read over our online fact sheet on fabric pests:
It give prevention and control information, as well as color photos.

Also, read our pantry pest fact sheet for solutions:

If you are still uncertain what pest you have, you can take a digital photo and send it to us for identification.


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