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A friend grew summer squa... #223158 - Ask Extension


A friend grew summer squa... #223158

Asked December 27, 2014, 8:59 AM EST

A friend grew summer squash in pots last year because they don't have much room. Many of the fruits had a bitter taste and were enlarged at the blossom end and sharply curled to a very narrow stem end. They used 14" pots, good potting soil, had plenty of sun, and watered at least daily but got very few good fruit. I didn't hear about their problem until recently, and never saw the problem fruit. Were they perhaps over-watering the plants and not letting them breathe? I've grown squash in pots before with no problems.

Grayson County Minnesota

Expert Response

It is a little difficult to determine what the problem (s) was after the fact but can provide some resources for your friend. There are many factors that might have played a role in the difficulties seen last summer. I recommend using the U of MN website "what's wrong with my plant?" to help identify problems with plants as they occur. I included the link specific to summer squash below. Bitterness of squash can vary and may be triggered by stressful situations such as uneven watering or insect problems, or can be genetic. See the link below for a more detailed discussion. General references on growing summer squash that may be useful: And And
Rebecca Passi Replied December 28, 2014, 11:22 PM EST

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