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Asked 2020-11-02 18:14:52

My herb garden was taken over by white grubs. They very neatly chewed the chives completely from the roots and then moved onto the mint, oregano and parsley. This was very disappointing because the chives and mint had been with me for 5 seasons. At this point do I discard all the soil and start over? Or do I spend invest $30 for 20 Million Beneficial Nematodes (H.bacteriophora) - Nema Globe Grub Buster for Pest on Amazon? My herb garden is very small (3' x 3") so I'm hesitant to spend $30 for this small space.

Baker County Oregon

Expert Response

Are you able to send us photos of the grubs you've found? Close-ups would help, as would an image of the overall damaged planting. (You can attach up to three image files per reply, but you can reply more than once if you need to submit additional photos.)u00c2u00a0It is unusual for white grubs to do that degree of damage to a plant like chives and other herbs. Have you noticed voles tunneling in the area or caterpillars on the soil surface? If either is the culprit, you do not need to replace the soil. Nematodes may or may not be the best control measure for the grubs - we'll first determine if those are the pest causing the damage before we can make control recommendations. Voles may simply require a physical barrier buried in the soil to keep them out. Miri

Autumn Greenley Replied 2020-11-02 18:15:36

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