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Seed Starting and Planting Calendar #737559

Asked January 29, 2021, 8:45 PM EST


I am an experienced gardener and have built a website,, over the past few years. In my experience with helping others and participating in forums, one of the most common questions I see are around when to start seeds indoors/outdoors (or transplant outdoors).

I'm well aware of the existing tools out there for planting dates based on frost dates and/or reading the days to germination on seed packets. In my opinion people still struggle with this and when posting questions on forums they get a million different answers, even if the people are in the same Zone as them. Most people misinterpret what Zones mean.

I want to try to build a new and different tool than what is available today, but I need your help! I feel if I can get people in all different locations to enter their planting information along with their location, I can create very helpful maps/charts of this data where users can zoom into their location, filter by dates, specific vegetables, etc, and easily see how and when others are starting seeds and planting that is relevant to them.

I know this is a far reach, but it would be awesome if this could be passed along to experienced gardeners across all states/universities for this tool. I'm not asking for any money and don't plan on making this a paid tool unless the charges of using Google Maps API becomes too high. Right now I'm actually spending quite a bit to do this and giving away $10 per month in a drawing for those that enter their information.

This is the link to the page where planting information can be submitted. I'm willing to discuss this more through email, Zoom, phone call, etc if necessary. Thanks for your time!

 Corey Leichty

Hancock County Ohio

Expert Response

Thank you for your question, Corey. Extension services do not, as University facilities, collaborate with private and/or commercial enterprises. And this platform has closed. Good luck with your venture.
Kristena LaMar Replied February 03, 2021, 1:20 AM EST

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